Thursday, March 12, 2009

far too long

so i'm living in georgia now.... HELP!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

gatherings of people

"when my car breaks down, i don't go and find another person with a broken car. i find someone with a car that works."

what thoughts do others have on the meaning of this quote...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ponderiferous musings

what makes the reality of a dream different than the reality of being awake? both take place in our minds. they involve color, sights, sometimes smells, even a sense of touch, and they can invoke emotions that last far longer than the moment that caused them.
what is the difference between the areas of the brain that are active during dreaming and those that are active while awake? is there even a difference?
i have dreams that feel real, and i have days that feel like a dream. yet what i can do in my dreams i cannot do when awake. i wonder why.
i think it is those slight differences in our brain that are why we cannot fly while awake like we can when we sleep. or when you are the hero of a fantastic quest of some kind and save the princess, make peace with the dragon people, and make it home in time to have an incredible party. maybe it's a brain wave we cannot create yet, maybe it's an intentional flaw left in our design to keep us mortal. maybe it's nothing and i'm just a dreamer.
just remember, the same senses you use to prove to yourself that this world is real, are the same ones that convince you the dream is real. of course if we knew what was real, philosophers would be out of a job, and theology wouldn't be a debateable subject.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the dividing of the world, or ramblings

when i was younger the only thing that divided people, in my innocent view, was whether you were a boy or a girl. now, we have lowered the importance of gender but we have now created a larger division in this world. Right-wing conservative neo-republican christians and everyone else. check out Dan's blog and then you'll understand why i see this division stronger than ever before, why i'm scared for the freedoms of this country, and why i think the "wars" of the world are just schoolyard shoving matches compared to the "War" that is to come. think civil war, north/south, that kind of thing. just 2 sides. that's it. no smaller third parties that come in at the last minute to help one side or the other. just 2 sides that will decimate each other down to the death of ideas. when ideas stop, you have nothing.

it seems to me the for a long while now it's been feeling like a storm is coming. kinda like the feeling on the back of the neck right before a big thunderstorm starts, only this isn't that kind of storm. it's just the same theory, a release of pent up energy. if the victory celebration is in direct proportion to the difficulty of that victory, i hope i'm there for it... that will be one HELL of a party! hope to see you there

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

military service... and the lies therein

why does the military lie to us? i'm not talking about "top secret" missions or what is really going on in the middle east. i'm talking about the comercials on television that try and entice people to sign up. they say that you'll be training near home show images of what i'm assuming are actors portraying the men and women that have signed up all smiling and happy and helping their community. that's great and all but what they don't even hint at is the fact that once your training is done you'll (95% chance) be shipped over seas. now if you agree with the fighting going on that's fine and dandy however, what about those kids who's parents work their asses off wishing they could give they child all the money they make to pay for school to give them all the chances they can. what about him. that's all i want to know. i ask this because i have a friend in that exact situation. he feels that all of the fighting is doing nothing more than making the US look bad and encouraging the insurgents to keep fighting for their beliefs. all he wanted to do was become a teacher and the army said they could do that. he knows he signed a contract and he has a duty, but is his life really worth the cost of an education? that's the question i feel all people signing up for the military should ask themselves.

Monday, August 07, 2006


so i ordered this new "toy" a while ago and it finally came in the mail. it is called a stikfas. they are a posable figure you assemble yourself check them out when you get a chance. they provide numerous picture taking opportunities and good use of the imagination for sure. check them out like i said here at
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and no i'm not getting paid for this. i'm just a fan that's all.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

a technological theory

tho it may be full of holes when it comes to the timing but i had this idea the other night after work...

Organicly stored data:

Storage of digital data in organic material. Shaping a program to esentially look like the apropriate molocules. Each “step” in the double helix of a strand of dna could be the synthetic storage modules for parts of a program with the ends of the long supports being the portion of the program that works out how to communicate with other programs. Or somehow have a form of two way transmitter to allow the various parts of the program to communicate with each other. If such a process could be created/invented then the ability to creat nano-boits to maintain and control the health and development of organic systems by using a template made from an analysis of years of data gathered about the patient. A variation on this could be used to create matter on a moloecular level. By having a semi-organic computer program. Power is an obstacle...

also, please respect the fact that this is my idea and don't go doing it and claming it as your own... i do have proof of the date of origination... hehe... clever me